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Visit the market in Port-Louis (Le Bazar central de Port-Louis), for tablecloths and fabrics, basketwork as well as a wealth of spices. Port-Louis also hosts colourful Indian and Chinese 'boutiques' offering an improbable variety of household articles. T-shirt shopping is a MUST!!, nowhere else will you find such a wide variety of export-quality T-shirts at bargain prices.


The most popular places for these are the markets in Port-Louis and Quatre-Bornes, but you will find T-shirts about anywhere you go. Local craft is also particularly rich, ranging from the shells, bracelets, necklaces, and pagnes which merchants will offer you on the beachfront to the sophisticated ship models you can find in various shops (why, you can even acquire maquettes of Nelson's 'HMS Victory' or of Napoleon's ill-fated 'Le Superbe'). Gold jewelry and gems can also be relatively inexpensive in Mauritius.


Shopping hours: Monday to Saturday (06:00-18:00) & Sunday (06:00-12:00)
BOBATO LTEE (Shipmodel & Craftmanship)
Address : Curepipe, Mauritius
Phone : (230) 675-2899

Address : 33, Sir William Newton St., Port-Louis, Mauritius
Phone : (230) 208-2419
Contact : Mr. Roger Kwon
Activity : Film developer & Photography
Agent for : Yashica, Ilford, View-master, Scotch, Contax.

Shopping in Mauritius

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