Textile Industry

The textile industry involves the production of textiles, which are materials made from natural or synthetic fibers.  This industry includes the manufacturing of yarn, fabric, and finished textiles, as well as the finishing and printing of  textiles. The textile industry is a significant contributor to the global economy, providing jobs and income for many people.

Mauritius has a well-established textile industry, with a focus on the production of cotton, synthetic, and blended fabrics, as well as the manufacturing of garments, home textiles, and technical textiles. The country has a strong tradition in textile manufacturing, and has been exporting textiles to various countries around the world for many years.

The textile industry in Mauritius has been facing a lot of challenges in recent years, such as increased competition from other countries and changes in global trade policies, but the sector is still considered as an important contributor to the economy of the island.

In recent years, the Mauritian government has been working towards the diversification and modernization of the textile industry to make it more competitive and sustainable. They are promoting the development of new textile products, such as technical textiles and smart textiles, to increase the value-added of the textiles produced in the country.

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