Import & Export in Mauritius

Mauritius is a small island nation with a relatively open economy, and it relies heavily on trade to support its economy.

The country imports a wide range of goods and services, including raw materials, machinery, and consumer goods, and exports a variety of products, including textiles, sugar, seafood, and other agricultural products.

Some of the major import items to Mauritius include:

  • Capital equipment, vehicles, and spare parts
  • Food products, including wheat, rice, and sugar
  • Crude oil and other energy-related products
  • Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and chemicals
  • Raw materials for the textile and sugar industries

Some of the major export items from Mauritius include:

  • Textile and clothing
  • Sugar and other agricultural products
  • Fish and other seafood products
  • Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
  • Gems, jewelry and other handicrafts

Mauritius is also an important trading partner for many countries in the Indian Ocean region and Africa.  The country has established several trade agreements with other nations, including the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), which help to promote trade and investment between the countries.

Mauritius aims to become an investment hub located midway between Africa and Asia. In recent years, the country's economic diplomacy has sought to create and strengthen partnerships with emerging countries (India, Turkey, etc.), while also offering technical assistance to several African countries. Agreements with Ghana, Senegal and Madagascar have been approved in order to create special economic zones (SEZ) in those countries and open niche markets for Mauritian exports.

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