Submarine Exploration

Invitation to explore, participate and enjoy

Blue Safari Submarine is the only operator of real submarines in the Indian Ocean. At 35m deep, your dream comes true as you discover the magic of the marine life.You will enjoy a rare and an unforgetable experience, travelling in total security and comfort,on-board very sophisticated , air-conditioned submarines.A unique adventure that you should not miss, whether you are 2 years old or 90 years old.

The adventure begins

Upon boarding the surface vessel "Betty of the Mascareignes". It has two ultrasounds phones on-boardwhich are in permanent communication with the submarine. During your 40-minutes dive, amongst multicoloured fish, you will discover the beauty of the corals and who knows what surprise awaits you on the dive! Our pilots trained in marine biology, explain all about what you will see.Viewing the wreck of the "Star Hope" with the sea creatures on it, is always a magical moment!In the magic of the fascinating sunrise, Mauritius emerged from the waves.It's there, in the North, that started the history of the island.

During the descent the colours change as the infra red rays of the light, are filtered outby the water. At 20m deep, red becomes brown and then violet at 30m. Yellow becomes green, then blue, after30m. Blue is the dominant colour at the deepest part of your dive.

For your photographs we recommend 400-1000 ASA film, no flash, and a manual focus.

Postcards and videos are available, for sale, abroad the "Betty".

Departure times of Blue Safari

Daily, every hour

  • 08.30 - 16.30 (summer - Septembre thru May)
  • 08.30 - 15.30 (winter - June/July/August)

 Allow 2 hours per trip, in total. Reservations in advance, with your ground-handling operator.


Pilot your own underwater subscooter by 3 metres of depth and enjoy a unique experience in the World ! No need to be a diver or swimmer to control the sub scooter... Comfortably seated one behind the other, you breathe freely and naturally in a broad common, transparent and panoramic cupola. For your safety, a guide diver will accompany you during the 30 minutes of your underwater cruise...

Departure times of SUB-SCOOTER

Duration: 2 hours of which 40 minutes underwater
Subscooter for a couple  - 185 €  (price for 2 persons)
Exclusive usage of the Subscooter -  138 € (1 person only)

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