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The launch of Tamarina Golf Estate and Beach Club coincides with the promulgation of a precedent-setting new property law entitling non-Mauritian individuals or companies to buy land on this idyllic island; a chance for internationals to embrace the mystique, the magic and the exhilaration that is Mauritius.

For those who seize this opportunity, there is also the opportunity to acquire Mauritian residency for as long as they own property on this island.

The Estate harnesses the best of Mauritius and hands it to you in a compellingly designed real estate offering. And what an offering it is.

Alluring contemporary tropical architecture is at one with the wild, sun-drenched environs. And every aspect of its integrated estate design style adds up to what must be the most exciting opportunity to come out of the ground on Mauritian turf in decades.

Tamarina is where the best of beach and golfing haven meets the sharp edge of new world spa and wellness centre.

Under Mauritius’s Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) Law, non-Mauritian individuals or companies are allowed to purchase properties, which are part of an integrated Resort Scheme. An IRS must have the following characteristics:

  • Luxury villas with individual swimming pools on freehold erven
  • Services to be made available to owners: gardening, maintenance, security, catering, etc.
  • A minimum price of US$500 000 for the villa, including US$70 000 transfer costs, which costs will be paid directly to the Mauritian government
  • Entitlement to acquire Mauritian residency for the duration of the villa ownership
  • Owners are entitled to rent their properties for unlimited periods of time.

Tapping into unprecedented interest from foreign investors in Mauritius, Tamarina Golf Estate and Beach Club combines a variety of elements to make this proposition attractive both as a recreational property and a sound investment.

A professional rental scheme is available to take care of the management and maintenance of your property, should you need it.


On this side of the island, the towering mountainscapes of the Trois Mamelles and Montagne du Rempart as well as the renowned Riviere Noire Canyon, stand as awe-inspiring reminders of the island’s volcanic birth.

The Estate itself is a 45 minutes drive from Plaisance International Airport and 25 minutes from the capital, Port Louis. It sprawls across 200 hectares of earth at the foot of the dramatic Montagne du Rempart and overlooks the cool waters of Tamarin Bay.

Twelve hours from Europe, eight hours from Singapore and six hours from South Africa, with daily flights from the main European capitals, Mauritius is eminently accessible. US$650 000 for a platinum class investment, makes it all the more so.

119 villas on 42 hectares

Villa footprint : 350m² to 600m²

Average plot size : 3500m²

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