Snorkeling & Undersea-Walk


Mauritian waters are also welcoming for you, bespectacled non-swimmers, who are all too often frustrated by the sight of those elusive turquoise and aqua-marine seas: so close and yet out of reach!

Underwater walk does not require you to know how to swim, nor that you relinquish your favourite pair of glasses! Your stay in Mauritius cannot be complete without a (guided) tour of the adventuresome and perfectly safe reef underwaters. Here is your chance to discover the underwater world from within, and make your childhood fantasies come true: a slow-motion cavort in the kingdom of mermaids!




Where is this natural Disneyland? The Undersea Walk Ltd. has only one site situated inside the lagoon in front of Grand Bay. A taxi boat picks you up from the beach. The excursion lasts about an hour and a half.

If you never done snorkeling before, don't worry, it's simple, can be learned in a matter of minutes and mastered on your first outing.

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