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LOT A: facing the ocean side with an area of 850 Sq.metres, including a one-storey building facing the sea with an area of 2200 Sq. Ft, consists of three bedrooms.
The ground floor consists of a living room, a kitchen and a small dining area.

There is an open terrace towards the sea front that is used as a sitting area.
Adjoining it, at right angle is an open garage that has a drive-in from the roadside through an iron gate.
The first storey consists of three bed rooms, two of which face the sea, whilst the third one faces the neighbouring plot. There are toilet facilities on both floors, and bath,with shower on the first floor only. The salient feature of the house is the vista opening out to the sea from the terrace and the garden partly shadowed by a huge banyan tree.
The house was built in the beggining of 2002 and has modern facilities.

Land sizes: 36 x 42 x 8 x 39 in metres. Total of 220 toises (22 perches).

LOT B: is the rest of the remaining plot on the other side of the coastal road, that is 95 perches, is on the landward side, awaiting further development.
Land area is about 3738.83 Sq.metres.

Land sizes: 91 x 36 x 111 x 41 in metres.
Total of 858 toises (78 perches).

Selling Price Rs 12.5m (obo)


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