JLC Translation Services

Professional English-to-French General Translation, Revision,
Proofreading as well as subcontracting for other translation companies

At JLC Translation Services, we offer English to French translation services for business organizations and individual clients in Canada, the US and Worldwide. Our specialties are contractual and educational translations from English to French.

Our Translation experience and Expertise include:
Magazine and newspaper articles, Resumes, Advertising, Curriculum manuals, Product labels, Fashion, Newsletters, Literature, Corporate correspondence, Marketing and advertising, Personal Correspondence.

Has done extensive work for different Ministries of the Province of Ontario & Mauritius on a freelance basis. Translating for individuals on a freelance basis.

About Translations:
The ability to successfully translate from one language to another requires that human translators possess a high degree of expertise in the areas of language, comprehension, recognition and memory for at least two languages. Human translators use a variety of thought processes and skills to interprete the meaning of a sentence and to communicate the meaning of that sentence in a different language. They are experts at the proper usage of language resources, such as term, phrase, and grammar dictionaries, thereby creating a translation that will be clearly understood in the reader's target language.

Clients Translation Projects Affordable Rates (US$)
JLC Translation has provided professional English-to-French Translation services for private & Governmental clients, including: Technology & Computer Fields

Translation: 15 ¢-35¢/word

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Ministry of Transportation Software user guides - "Informatics" Revision: $35/pg
Ministry of Finance & Social Services Web Sites Proofreading: $25/page
Attorney General Office Journalism Translation Minimum order: (US$50.00)
Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School Secondary School Text Modules  
Ryerson University Corporate correspondence - Administration  
Compufix Inc. General Translation  
CA4IT Proofreading/Editing  

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