Govt Ministers 2019

Prime Minister
The Hon Pravind Kumar JUGNAUTH  
President of the Republic
Mr Prithvirajsing ROOPUN


List of Ministers Ministry

1. The Hon Pravind Kumar JUGNAUTH

Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior and Defense
2. The Hon Ivan Leslie COLLENDAVELLOO, GCSK, SC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Utilities
3. The Hon Leela Devi Dookhun-Luchoomun Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education
4. The Hon Anwar Husnoo Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government
5. The Hon Alan Ganoo Minister of Transport
6. The Hon Renganaden Padayachy Minister of Finances
7. The Hon Nando Bodha Minister of Foreign Affairs
8. The Hon Steven Obeegadoo Minister of Housing and Lands
9. The Hon Fazila Jeewa-Daureeawoo Minister of Social Security
10. The Hon Dr Sunil Bholah Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises
11. The Hon Kavi Ramano
Minister of the Environment
12. The Hon Mahen Seeruttun Minister of Financial Services
13. The Hon Joe Lesjongard Minister of Tourism
14. The Hon Maneesh Gobin Attorney General, Minister of Agro-Industry
15. The Hon Yogida Sawmynaden Minister of Commerce and Industry
16. The Hon Stephan Toussaint

Minister of Youth and Sports

17. The Hon Bobby Hureeram Minister of Public Infrastructure
18. The Hon Deepak Balgobin Minister of ICT
19. The Hon Soodesh Callichurn Minister of Labour
20. The Hon Dr Kailesh Jagutpal Minister of Health and Quality of Life
21. The Hon Sudheer Maudhoo Minister of Fisheries
22.The Hon Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah Minister of Gender Equality
23. The Hon Avinash Teeluck Minister of Arts and Culture
24. The Hon Vikram Hurdoyal Minister of the Public Service


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